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 Gallery: Denny Granstrand's Wildlife Photos  Album: Butterflies, Moths and misc. Insects   

Black Widow spider, the bane of home inspectors, in a crawlspace in Yakima, WA. July 23, 2014.
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Large garden spider (?) at Pollywog Pond west of Corpus Christi, Texas.
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Praying Mantis on a fence in Yakima, WA. Oct. 7, 2014.
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Praying Mantis on our screen door southwest of the Yakima, WA, airport. Sept. 11, 2013.
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Praying Mantis on our driveway southwest of the Yakima, WA, airport. Oct. 6, 2013.
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Interesting insect at Wenas Lake north of Selah,, WA. The head and body were almost an inch long. Oct. 3, 2017.
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Roseate Skimmer dragonfly in Estero Llano Grande State Park south of Westlaco, Texas. Sept. 28, 2006. Panasonic DMC-FZ20.
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Cicada on an ocotillo stalk in Sabino Canyon northeast of Tucson, AZ. We heard cicadas on nearly every hike we took in southeast Arizona. June 23, 2010. Panasonic DMC-FZ28.
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Wild bee hive at the Saguaro National Park East on the east side of Tucson, AZ. June 14, 2010. Digiscoped.
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Black and Yellow Mud Dauber at Wenas Lake north of Selah, WA. This is an interesting wasp. I suggest you google it and learn all about it. Aug. 12, 2018.
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A (you're not going to believe this!) grasshopper hunter wasp with a grasshopper it had killed in our garden southwest of the Yakima, WA airport. I watched the wasp carry the grasshopper about six feet from the spot where it caught it to the rock they are on. Amazing! July 9, 2018.
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River Jewelwing (Calopteryx aequabilis) on the Toppenish NWR southwest of Toppenish, WA. May 29, 2021.
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Magnificent Velvet Ant (Dasymutilla magnifica) on a road northwest of The Highlands Mobile Home Park in Oro Valley, Arizona. This is actually a wasp. The females of this species, which this is, are flightless. It was just over an inch long. November 18, 2021.
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Gray Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca nitens) in Huachuca Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona. It was about 2 1/2 inches long. It is named "Bird" because it flies very well. This species is closely related to the locusts in Africa. December 24, 2022.
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 Gallery: Denny Granstrand's Wildlife Photos  Album: Butterflies, Moths and misc. Insects   
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